Period around boyfriend

I had the implant fitted in February 19th and my period was late for that month ( was due on 27th ) and tonight I had a nice day and night planned with my other half and BOOM period decided to start 13 days late, I don't know how long it's going to be here or anything because this bloody implant. Whyyyyyyy. I hate being around people on my period especially my boyfriend because he constantly wants sex sex sex and I'm the worst for telling people it's that time. So I never tell him I just say I can't come round tonight or postpone it for a week😔 I haven't saw him in ages and I want to cry I hate being a woman. How do I tell him it's that time of the month and would how would I beable to be around him when I have no idea what this period is going to be like ?!
UPDATE: I don't even know if this is a period or spotting ? It's been going on for about an hour and only an orangeish blood when I wipe ? No blood has reached the pad, is this normal :/