Low lying placenta


Hello ladies, I have a question: is low lying placenta= placenta previa?

I had US yesterday and the doctor said the placenta is lying 10 mm from the cervix.

He didn't say anything else, just said that my gynecologist will have to make a follow up.

Is it bad? Do I have to refrain from sex? How about lifting my toddler? I have a visit to my gyno only in 2 weeks from now so I'm checking the google and it doesn't help much.

For example, it says that pp is found mostly in women with multiple pregnancies, multiple births, abortions and miscarriages, women over 35 or women who smoke during pregnancy. Is it true? Because I'm none of these! I had only 1 birth, i don't smoke and I'm 33.

Also, does it mean I have to refrain from sex until the visit to my doctor?

Please please advise me.