How I timed sex - faint line

So this month I tried the egg meets sperm plan. Basically every other day until positive OPK. Well I messed up a little bc the DH decided to go out and was not able to baby dance. So we didn't do it the day I got a positive on my OPK. But baby danced the day before and after (he is lucky). I took primrose (3 tablets a day starting cd 1 to cd 17). I stayed away from pineapple (it makes me dry), and did not use preseed at all. Weird - I got pregnant in November (chemical 😒) and this cycle March NOT USING PRESEED...... Take a look at the calendar. I was so nervous and thought something was wrong because I spotted a lot last cycle. Cd 17  is for the picture above. Showing the date I received a positive OPK
The faint positive below is a pregnancy stripΒ