Any Other Military Spouses?

Zoe • May 8th I meet my princess ❤️
Hey, I'm due in May & wanted to know if there were any of Milspo who are expecting or TTC? I guess I'm just bored because hubby is in the field & it's very early so I said why not post! I'm actually coming to relieve my sadness. my husband will be getting deployed when our little princess is only 5 months.. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? And if so how young was the child? I have a fear that she won't remember who he is to her or him in general. I cry about it occasionally and he always hugs me and asks me what's wrong but he doesn't know I'm mentally preparing myself for when I have to do it on my own when he's away. It's our first child as well so I guess I knew it was coming with his career but not so sudden.. I miss him already. We don't talk to anyone else, neither of us have friends so I'm going to miss him 😢😢