I must suck in bed

What would you think if your husband never said anything sexy to you, ignored his erections, and kept giving excuses why he doesn't want to make love?  Of course he denies it has anything to do with me but what else can I think? I already have low self esteem plus gained lots of weight with the pregnancy so this just makes it worse. I try to initiate by sending suggestive texts during the day or early evening saying I want him, ect.  At the time he seems all for it but when we go to bed, he just lays there and goes to sleep like we never had that conversation.  Every time. It happened yesterday. I was expecting some intimacy last night based on our earlier conversation but nothing. When I mentioned it this morning he said he was stressed. First of all the issue that was stressing him was resolved yesterday evening way before bed. Second even if he was still stressed for some reason, sex relieves stress! That's even more reason not to pass it up. I guess he's like all the others who only tell you what they think you want to hear. I thought he was different but apparently not. This has happened too many times to be a coincidence. Sorry this keeps me stressed out and down I don't need it right now especially.