I don't know what to do about this *trigger warning*

I'm not going to hurt myself. So please don't report this. It says that because I stated I had THOUGHT about suicide. Never attempted.

I don't know how to get help. I don't want help, I kinda just want to be left alone, but I feel like I'm sinking deeper and NEED help.. I don't know where to start.. I don't want to be labeled or useless or medicated but it's so hard to function. It's so hard to get out of bed. To move.

Update: I shared this with my husband and his response was "well what were the questions" so I told him where the assessment was and he took it and said "well I got generalized anxiety" what am I even supposed to say to that? I tried to tell him and even sent him the screen shot and it turned into something about him again.. I keep trying to talk to him and he always makes it about him.

"If you feel that way then why are you with me" "well I must be doing something wrong" "Well I try to talk to you and you won't talk to me"