Feeling positive

I just had a follow up ultrasound with my doctor today one week after my miscarriage and she said everything looked good and ready for another baby. I am extremely relieved with the doctor and clinic I chose because she really took time to get to know me (this was my first pregnancy and it ended in miscarriage) and my husband. She said there is a bunch of tests that they can do to figure out why I miscarried, but she doesn't see any reason to do them since everything looks normal anatomically. However since my cycles are normally very irregular, there is some easy blood work that can be done. Obviously my body ovulated so those hormones are fine, but she did say that it is very common for people who have irregular cycles to have low progesterone which if you don't have enough, you will miscarry, but you can take a supplement to make up the difference. She suggests I wait until after my next period to try that way they can draw blood a day after I get my period to make sure I ovulate normal and then draw blood when I ovulate to check progesterone and prescribe me a supplement if needed. I encourage any of you who might be irregular to ask your doctor about this so that we can all have a healthy 9 months. I also asked about people who say they don't get their period for many months and she said the longest she wants me to go without it is 8 weeks and then if I still don't have it, taking a specific supplement will make my body have my period. So if you have been waiting and still don't have it, I would contact your doctor and ask about that as well. I initially wanted to conceive again before my next period, but I believe by doing these simple things, it will make my next pregnancy a happy healthy one. I hope everyone is doing well on their emotional and physical recovery.