What do I do !!!

I would take my puppy to a vet if any of them were accepting new patients. 
So yesterday around noon my child put our 7 month old chihuahua on a counter in our kitchen. Sadly our little chi puppy fell off the counter. I ran in immediately to see my pup with all legs stiff, yelping and drolling. She did this for like 1min 30 secs then continued to lay on the floor motionless and quiet. She got up on her own and walked but at first she cried whenever someone would touch her. She progressed through the day and by 4 she could run, jump, and have a normal personality. Then my husband noticed her eyes where the white should be are very bloody. She made it through the night slept, ate, goes potty, drinks everything normal. Her eyes are still very bloody and she can't lick her self she yelps whenever she try's and random movements make her yelp. I've called the vets in our area none of them will see her at short notice (less than a week in advance). None will help me at all. Idk what to do at this point.