So annoyed..

Melanie • Mother of 2 💚💙 🎀💜👣
My mom is totally in love with my son. Which is great. He's her first grand child. He's her entire world! But lately she tries undermining my parenting. He takes 2 naps a day ( which his doctor is aware of and agrees is appropriate) and whenever it's time for his nap he protests and she tells me "he's breaking my heart.." And when I tell her it's time for his nap and that he needs to sleep she always says "maybe he's just hungry" no he's not because I feed him. She tells me and my fiancé "he can't live his life in his crib" all because he takes two VERY SPACED OUT naps. He's not in his crib nearly as much as she thinks. She takes him out of his crib in the mornings before I can and feeds him. I'm completely fine with that but lately she seems to be forgetting that I'm his mother.. And she seems to have an issue with how i do things because its different from how she would do things. I'm so annoyed.