New moms: Shower idea!

As a FTM to be and having just had my shower I have an idea for those of you who may not have yet. I found out that only one person was kind enough to use the registry my hubby and I put together. And we got a lot of things we didn't need, namely clothes. And so I had the idea, what if you make it a challenge? A game before the shower even starts? Tell everyone there is a prize for best THEMED basket/gift. And they can choose from; bath time, bed time, play time and feeding time, or whatever it is you still need. Then offer a prize depending on your crowd! Please don't misunderstand, we are grateful for all that we received, but we are still left to buy a lot before our little one comes and if people had used the registry we would have a lot less to get. So there's an idea for those of you who are yet to be showered!