Boyfriend meeting child?

Dajee • 20. Mommy. Biz major.
Hi ladies. I have a almost two year baby boy! I am no longer with the father of my child, ended some months ago, I was in a abusive relationship it took me getting sent to the emergency room and finding out I had a broken hand and fractured wrist to let all of that go and move on. Anyways, me and my current boyfriend now really want to take his nieces and nephew and my son to the zoo, shedd aquarium and have play dates with one another but for some reason when I bring it up to my sons dad he flips shit and is always saying if you do I'll f*** you up and him, and how I'm not respecting my son. And how if I'm not a single mother then no one should be around him. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Or anyone have any advice?