Shoutout to Military Couples!


We all know how hard it is to conceive when you're with your SO and can try every month. But to those who can only visit their SO every once in a while makes it so much more stressful and harder to conceive. Much respect to those who have gotten their bfp while TTC in the military.

I'm leaving in a week to visit my husband and we have been TTC #1 for almost a year now but it's very difficult to do so when we can only try every couple months. Then it's extremely depressing when AF shows up anyways. This time we planned for me to visit exactly on the days I'm most fertile to try and make this baby happen. I feel like I've been failing him in a way because we both want this to happen so badly and he says "you could still be pregnant and have your period". Trying real hard to stay positive for him. We still make it fun, we are using pre-seed, and I've been on prenatals the whole time.

I guess my questions(to everyone, not just military) are; does it hurt our chances to try every day of 5 days I'm there? Should we only try every other day? Is there anything else we should be doing to better our chances? Tell me your success story of TTC in the military?

Crossing our fingers and toes that it works out for us this time and I get a BFP in a few weeks...trying not to stress but since TTC I tend to question everything I do and eat.. Just in case I'm hurting baby and my ability to carry.. My mom and grandma both have rare forms of endometriosis and so I was a miracle baby, along with my mom. I have not been diagnosed but have been told of high chances I do have it.

Please send some baby dust and any advice or tips to help my wonderful husband and I out!