Women should have 0 say on foreskin

Honestly. Its plain and simple. Even if it is your son, I really think that it is the fathers business, not a woman's business who doesn't have a penis and doesn't understand. Much like how men have 0 say in what to do with womanly things. Men don't understand, so therefore it makes no sense for them to have say.

I feel this should be applied to circumcision. The father should decide whether or not it should be done. He is the one who knows how it is to have a penis, with or without foreskin.

And further more, I never see men debating this. Why are women so obsessed with this? Its not really something we know about firsthand. Leave that to men. I mean, we wouldn't ever be okay with men debating female circumcision. Us women would literally raise hell over it. So why do women think they get so much say over a boys penis?

*EDIT: Funny how a lot of women are saying "its my child so I'll still decide". Yet you would give your man 0 say if it had to do with a daughters genitals. How ironic how you get so upset that someone would challenge you as to why you, a woman, should have no say on a penis that you have no personal experience having. And yeah, not all men stick around. This wasn't about that.