Melting Down! 😭😭😭

After TTC for one year naturally and after trying Clomid for 6 months and now after two failed attempts of <a href="">IUI</a>, I'm getting lost so bad!! 
I've support from family and SO ofcourse but that isn't stopping me from getting depressed. Never in my life I felt like a failure, why is getting pregnant so hard for some women and not the others?
I do have PCOS but that's something common in so many women and they all get pregnant naturally, so what's wrong with me? 
I do have a day time job and I'm trying to spend the remaining time watching movies, spending time with prayers but still all the negativity and depression gets to me so quickly. 
I did so many things different this cycle like trying preseed, raspberry leaf tea, consuming pineapple after the <a href="">IUI</a>....nothing seems to be helping. 
Doctor says there are unknown reasons for me not getting pregnant and advises us to go for <a href="">IVF</a>. 
I need emotional support, HELP!!