What the hell is wrong with my orange juice??

CS • First time mommy of the most amazing little girl💖
I feel like I've been pretty blessed so far at 7w2d. No crazy cravings, no puking. Just occasional nausea and food aversions like crazy. For example, beef chimichangas are my absolute favorite. I ate one a couple weeks ago, felt sick and now I want nothing to do with them. Sad! 
Anyway, I've been drinking pretty much nothing but water and OJ because I'm so paranoid about caffeine. The last 2 days, my OJ has smelled sour and tasted off. I asked my husband to try it to make sure it wasn't actually something wrong with the OJ and he told me I was crazy and the juice was normal. I can't even finish my glass because it smells so gross! Prego hormones seriously suck! Anyone else having problems with their food or drinks tasting horrible all of a sudden??