How can I pleasure my SO with a small penis?

So I have a new partner and he's on the smaller side, but I know it's not all on him! I am aware that there are women who are tighter than me (my ex kindly let me know... sarcasm) and would probably be a better match for him. But for the meantime how can I make sex better for him?

I do get pleasure from sex, he hits my gspot, but during positions like missionary he doesn't get a lot of pleasure which he blames on Masturbation/Porn. We also use condoms so idk if that has anything to do with it. He is able to orgasm from doggy though. Any other positions I could use?

I know, kegels, but that takes a while. I was thinking about investing on anal toys, would one in me make sex better for him?

I don't want to use tightening creams though, my pH is very sensitive.

I just want him to have a great of a time as me. :(