Everyone on this app is ungrateful

No matter what the topic is, if someone is venting about something they feel is unfair, they're ungrateful. 
Can't have another child and sad about it? You should be grateful you have any children!!! 
Going through gender disappointment? Be grateful you can even produce!! 
And for all of the teens on the app going through a rough time, they're always childish, immature, AND ungrateful. 
It's ridiculous!!! We are human beings and we are entitled to have emotions. It's our prerogative to feel and work through things. It's easy to sit behind a phone and cast quick judgement based off of what little info you have from some stranger on the Internet. 
But the various things we go through as women can be incredibly difficult. We come to this app for venting, support, and informative information. It's a shame that what seems like the majority of the women on this app easily become frustrated with what they read and jump to name calling. Like I said it's usually "immature", "childish", or "ungrateful". I know it's hard for the quick tempered, but jeez people. We're all human, entitled to our feelings. This community should be about compassion.