Lonely ladies out there? :(

Nour Eloyoun • 19 FTM <3 No best friend except my Fiancé (Good and bad thing)..would love to find someone people on here to have a long lasting good friendship with..been pretty lonely for the past years. Hey there!
I lost all my best friends in middle-high school years and ever since then I've been one my own and lonely. I enjoyed it a bit but at times it was hard not having a female friend that I could talk to on a different level. Is there anyone one here in the same boat? Ive always envisioned (sorry if it's weird) me finding and a "lonely" female friend and we build our friendship and find some other lonely girls out there and we create this strong, close, long lasting group of best friends..we talk about everything, cook and eat together (I love love food and eating) learn, support and comfort each other (wether it be over the phone or in person)...know what I mean?? Im 19 and I would love for this to happen..If you can relate, comment about yourself and or just say anything random..!