Bleeding during possible early pregnancy

So I would be around 4 weeks pregnant if I am, I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet because I am nervous for the results. About a week and a half after I had unprotected sex, I woke up with cramps on ONLY my right side and they went away the next day. I have been nauseous on and off ever since then. My breasts have become more painful since then, time getting like little brown spots on my nipples too. I've been really hungry lately and for things that i never want to eat. I've been taking naps for the past week and I have not taken a day time nap since I was at least 9. But as of yesterday I got cramps and didn't bleed at all. Then I wake up today to brown dishcharge in my underwear so i thought it was implantation bleeding but now I mainly have cramps on my left side and the blood is now bright red. I wouldn't say the cramps are horrible but I also would not say that they feel good lol. My cervix has been soft since I woke up withe the nausea and cramps on my right side. It has remained basically closed since i noticedand it has gotten higher to the point where i have a hard time reaching it unless i am sitting down. A few weeks ago I noticed this red spot on my left breast (has disappeared since then) and two women told me that they got the same spot when the conceived but before they knew. So idk if I'm pregnant or not. Help please!!!! I would be expecting my period in 4 days. And this does NOT feel like a normal period.