Was due to be induced at 37 weeks exactly

Bethan • Married 4yrs with 4yr old Boy. Pregnant with TWINS!!! after TTC 2 months. Very nervous about this time after awful pregnancy and terrible labour & birth.

Was due to be induced at 37 weeks exactly.

Went in at 2pm, they checked to see if the could break my waters. Only just dilated and took 20 minutes to break membrane as very tough. This was at 3.30pm

Started contracting and was 3 in 10 by 7.20pm but put on drip anyway to get them stronger. Lasted another hour before I had to use gas and air. Baby A was born 10.24pm while I was in the kneeling position over the head of the bed. Small episiotomy needed to get her out.

Baby B failed to turn after A was delivered so was manually turned and pushed into engaged. However her hand got stuck next to her head. A c-section was then needed as hand preventing head from being delivered.

Hubby and baby A allowed into theater for delivery of Baby B. Curtain dropped to allow Baby to be seen being delivered.

Baby A vaginal weighting 2560gms

Baby B c-section weighting 2540gms