Signs of labor??

Ashley • 25🧸Mommy to 1. Pregnant with baby #2! 9 months TTC🍼
Hey girls! I'm 40 weeks this coming Tuesday! So around 5 am yesterday morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, noticed some blood and I shrugged it off thinking its normal and I told my fiancé. He calls labor and delivery and they have me come in to be checked and monitored. I was 3cm before I went in. So the nurse checked me and I was 3 but could stretch to a 4 (whatever that means!). They determine I'm NOT in labor. Now lemme tell you why I think I am! I've got this constant back pain and I'm not sure if I'm having contractions or Braxton hicks. They come and go but stupid me hasn't timed them 😑 so fast forward 24 hours later (right now at 5:48am) I go to the bathroom and I wipe, I notice discharge with brown blood in it and I just kept wiping and it kept coming and becoming brighter! So I'm guessing that's my bloody show. But I've had a bloody show, back pain, and serious cramping in the front, are these signs that I'm IN labor or that labor is starting? FTM