Can i rant about something bothering me..

Well I'm 19. And I just got married October 2015. And I used to have really close friends. And we stopped talking. Now I have literally 0 friends lol. I just have my husband. I'm pregnant now. And like because he's a man he doesn't like to listen to some girl stuff I have to say. So I try not to bother. But it's like so so hard I don't even have that one friend I can talk to and they will listen. I just feel like I'm so alone. Btw my husband is always at work and I'm stuck home I can't even drive yet so I have no where to go. I feel I'm locked up. Even though my husband know this he tries to take me out to the city and have fun but that's only if we're not busy that day. He's only off on Fridays too.. I just feel like crying now because I just really need that best friend but it's really hard for me to make friends. I go to college too but I keep to my self. I feel like if no one want to come up to me to talk why should I? But yea rant over gonna go eat some food lol.