Annoyed with DH RE: TTC and sex

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My husband has the habit of pretending like he knows everything. Therefore, when someone asks him a question, he'll provide an answer that HE thinks is right, even though it's not or he doesn't know for sure. I'm an academic, so it drives me absolutely BONKERS, because my career makes me very careful about spreading misinformation. 
We recently got a lot more sexy fun time toys, costumes, etc, because we figured if we are TTC, we need to make sure it doesn't seem like a chore. One of things he got was lube. 
I'll admit, I was stupid and didn't look up the lube thing - and I should've known better, but I asked him when we first used it if it was safe when TTC and if it would hinder our chances. He told me "oh, I read it's 100% safe, and since it's water-based/soluable, it's totally cool."  
Today I decided to look it up on my own (just had a feeling), and lo' and behold, I find out that the specific lube we use has glycerin and other toxic to sperm ingredients in it! SO NO, IT'S NOT 100% SAFE! 
I'm soooooo annoyed right now. I want to tell him off, but that's not gonna help us in anyway. I'm just so, so UGHHH! WHY DIDN'T HE JUST SAY HE DIDN'T KNOW?! This is after three months of us being apart due to military missions and having to put our TTC on hold for that long. Now I'm in my TWW, and I already know the answer to my am I pregnant this month question 😞.