🌸Ring Upgrades - Version 2🌸

C • 🦄 ✨Your average 19 year old princess✨🦄
So I know a lot of people say  
"I had a simple ring when he proposed but later when (insert an event that's huge in someone's life or some more money being accumulated) he got my ring reset with two more diamonds" 
Anyway, does anyone else think this idea is kinda weird? I want the ring my boyfriend proposes with to be the ring I have forever. I don't want it to change because of anything.  
To me it should be perfect at the start, not a well in progress that you can change out or upgrade when you have more money to spend. 
My boyfriend has a clear understanding of the ring I want. He asked if I ever want to go bigger in the future but the idea seemed almost offensive. 
To those that have done it - does it not bother you? And for everyone else - what do you think? Would you do it? 
P.S - This version is the updated one for those with concentration issues. The two lines I put in about my ideal ring was too distracting from the topic for many.