Delivered in the hospital Lobby standing on our own!!

Destiny • Engaged and pregnant w #3 Our little monsters; Aliyah & Jordan
Just hitting 38weeks and 4days today march 27th. Around 6am I had some contractions but for the past week they were 3-4mins apart and not too intense. So I decided to sleep it off and see how I was. Around 7:50 I was awakened by the contractions but I wasn't ready to go in. I knew they would get stronger. I told my SO to run a hot bath as by now the contractions were strong at 1min apart. I felt her head pushing down but it only happened twice so I figured I was good. Loaded up the car and by 8:30 we were on our way to the hospital. These contractions were now really strong but I was able to breathe through them while listening to Christian worship. As we got to the hospital and walked in I felt a lot of pressure then stopped in my tracks as my SO looks back at me (he was going to get an elevator) and I tell him nope her head is coming I feel her. she was pushing down and i was trying my best to keep her in He set down our 3yr old and right near the front door I slid my shorts down to my thighs and seen her head and caught her as my SO guided me and made sure we had her she just slid out with no need to push. . He checked with me to make sure her cord wasn't wrapped around her neck and stimulate her to cry then ran to get a wheelchair. A cafeteria lady was coming in and helped my SO with the wheelchair so he could pick up our son. I sat in the wheelchair with baby still attached to the placenta and went upstairs to labor and delivery. They got me in a bed. Delivered the placenta and dad cut the cord & I was done. No tears baby is great scored a 9 on her apgar and looks great for a iugr baby. So proud of my SO and our 3yr old is in love with her. I definitely didn't think it was time to push but our little miss had a different plan. I feel amazing,no tears. Barely bleeding at breastfeeding is going well. So in love with her !