Possibly pregnant ? Help

Hey ladies. My husband and I have been TTC but haven't succeeded. 
Last month I got my period and it lasted only 4 days. Same thing happen this month my period only later 4 days but I noticed my breast weren't sore at all but my nipple looks darker idk if it's just me or what.... I've had a horrible headache for two days straight and it literally won't go away, i take naps to see if it'll go away but when I wake up it comes harder. I also feel tired and sleepy. For example My day off yesterday i was in bed all day, we had sex in the am, got food delivered ate in bed, then took a shower and went back to sleep woke up at 10:35pm.  I still have this stupid headache, I think by now it's a migraine!! 
Has this happen to anyone before or is going thru this and if so what was the outcome!