What would you do?

 Well I got pregnant by a complete asswipe. It wasn't meant to happen, but it did.
I don't want to be put down for suggesting this but I know I will and it's ok. 
I'm thinking about giving the father an "out" 
I told him I was going to get a pregnancy test and he blew up, and was an ass about it. So I am going to give him and out before telling him. 
I am going to say -
I'm going to give you an "out" before I tell you any results. 
Either you are going to be there for your child or your not going to be able to see or hear from him/her until he/she is old enough to decide on its own OR you will man up help out and get to know your beautiful child.
I grew up with a dad that resented me. I refuse to let my kid grow up with that. 
Opinions please