Petty people

Okay. I need to vent. So I'm make this a short story. So 3 years ago I was with this guy and find out he has a baby mama n they were constantly on and off. Me being who I was back then, I was bit insecure. So I continued to see him and believe what he told me. That went on for bout 6 months. Everytime I tried to leave, he would say whatever n I would fall for it. N his crazy baby mama would put everything on the social media. So I finally walked away. After I spent time just being alone n focusing on school... The next semester I fell for a guy who is now my fiancé. Now the girl in my class knows his crazy baby mama because they went to school together so the crazy chick would be so petty like when I'm jus talking to her the social media. She like has to comment. Smh. So I would never say nun til today. I was talking n joking with one of my girls bout the new Rihanna song work and we was laughing and I also told her I forgot to sent her a wedding invite. So this crazy chick drops a comment and says "when hoes get married"!! I snapped. I left a comment and said "at least I'm getting married to a good guy when yours is fucking the whole town and everyone knows it. It's a sad thing when you have 2 babies by a man who is publicly cheating on you and you been with him for 6 yrs. one day you will grow up. At least I can admit my wrong and learned. But you will never learn". I blocked her ass. I know I should've been did it. But I thought I could ignore her. 
Update. I have typos- if it gives you a headache. Please don't read. I am bilingual and my English is still in progress.