Any advice is needed

I am 6 months pregnant by my boyfriend but I find myself still reminiscing on my ex of 4 years/ my first love and kind of missing him, I think. my boyfriend and I been together almost a year but it was a rocky year because I couldn't decide where I wanted to be. I cut my ex off which was normal cause we always found our way back together but then I unexpectedly got pregnant which cut all communication for me with my ex cause I couldn't tell him. we were supposed to have our first baby together so I knew he'd be hurt which I later found out he was. now he started talking to a girl and this is the first girl besides me that he brought around his family so idk if he even still cares. Do I go and try to talk to my first love and make a fool of myself or do I ignore these thoughts and stay with my boyfriend and keep my family together . I can't ask anyone cause they'll look at me like I'm crazy because me and. My ex had it rough while my boyfriend now treats me like a queen. Any advice ? I need it