I effed up!!

So I went in for my first ultrasound at 6w2d and measured 6w5d. I had provided lab work from my previous doctor from a prior pregnancy that turned it to be ectopic. During the visit, I was just so excited to see a heartbeat.. I think I got confused about what I was supposed to do. I asked if I was going to get a blood test to check hormone levels and and they told me no because since there was a heart beat that means all my hormone levels should be good. I just checked my packet today (10w1d) and I saw an order for lab work! I totally missed this!! My next appointment is in 2 days and I'll have another ultrasound as well as get the genetics screening done. I just can't believe I totally missed this important thing!! Was just wondering if anyone else not do their lab work until after week 10? I feel so dumb!! I think I just totally forgot since the nurse told me no when I asked her if I was taking a blood test and also because I had provided lab work already... I'm kind of freaking out now.. So scared that something might be wrong-- although I've had increased nausea and fatigue within the last two weeks... I guess I just need some ressurance right now..