Dizziness !

Jil • I m 26 yrs old ! Married for 2 yrs.. TTC baby #1 for 6 months !! Happy life, loving parents,sweetheart husband !!
Hi ladies,
I have been having dizziness from yesterday like room was spinning when i wake up in the morning or i turn from side to side very fast. It happened two to three times and i am in 13dpo today !! I am not symptom spotting this month coz its total pain and waste of time !! This is my 6th month ttc and i am 25.. I  never face any symptoms before AF in my entire life !! I have heard dizziness happens but room spinning is kinda scary ! Does this happens before pregnancy or this is somethin serious i have to consider ! This is very unusual and i have nvr experienced this before ! Kindly help and drop your comments .. I am not going to test before periods is late which is due in 2 to 3 days ! 
I am drinking enuf water and not sure if its dehydrations ! Any comments is welcome try not to be rude pls i am just curious and already scared 😁