Provera users help please !

I'm so confused. I spoke to my doctor 3 times and she told me I take the 5 mg pill for 10 days then test for ovulation the next 4-5 days and period should come in another 10 days.... However today is day 12 I finished my last pill 2 days ago today I had a gush of bright red blood like a heavy af was coming cramps and all. I called my doctor back and she compleatly changed what she was telling me she said that today is day 1 of cycle and in 11-21 days I should ovulate and then if in 28 days I have not gotten period again to start Provera again??? I'm so upset and lost because my husband and I are here thinking we are about to ovulate and now we are being told 11-21 days till then yet. Also the bleeding has almost stopped not even 1 whole day? Is this still a period ? I have heard that Provera is not for woman who want to get prego and that it can mess with ovulation so why would she put me on this. I'm just so lost and confused. If anyone can tell me what their cycle was like on this I would be so greatfull.