How bad can it really be?

Mariesa • Mommy to Kasen born May 30th on Memorial Day.
Ok, really though, how bad can labor and delivery actually be?? I've been watching videos and have come to the conclusion that a lot of it has to do based on your pain tolerance. I have a pretty high pain tolerance I think...I mean my whole back is tattooed and I sat for 12 hours on that one (yes I went through that rocker chick stage in my early 20s lol), as well as kidney stone surgery and removal of the stint they had to put in. The stint removal was pretty bad and the nurse said if I can make it through that, child birth would be easy for me. Also, I completely understand that giving birth is an experience you can't fathom until you actually get to experience it for yourself. I'm talking WITH epidural btw. Any moms on here want to put their two cents in or give their birth stories I would love to hear them! I'm just curious because I only have two and half months to go and am starting to feel the nervousness! ❤️😬