Differences between USA and UK???

Mrs M

Just been reading a thread about where baby will sleep when born. Lots of people saying they will put baby straight into their own room from the start/very early on. I'm assuming these people are from USA as they're referring to a bassinet (we have moses baskets and cribs here in the UK!). Just curious, are there safe sleep guidelines in the USA that you are advised to follow by your midwife (or equivalent)? In the UK we are strongly advised to have baby in our room with us for the first 6 months to help prevent against SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Also, lots of posts with people referring to what their doctor has said during pregnancy. Do you have doctors instead of midwives? And if so are they general doctors or do they specialise in pregnancy/childbirth.

Another thing I've noticed is lots of people saying about being induced pre-40 weeks which is basically not an option in the UK (unless on serious medical grounds).

Just really curious about the differences!