Birth Control

Question. I am 36 years old, I have taken birth control pills off and on since I was 18. They have always worked just fine, so there has been no need to use other contraceptives. I stopped using pills the first you I got married, 4 years ago, after I lost my insurance. Still don't have insurance, and my hubby and I have used the withdrawal method, which has worked, but lately, we have been playing it close. We do NOT want anymore children. I want to use the pill again, but I'm afraid that because I'm older,my chances of blood clots are greater. I am afraid of iud's because lots of women say it gives them cramps, (I have never had cramps from my period of over 20 years) and I don't want to get them. I don't want the shot, something unnatural about not having a period, to me. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks! -