Single mom problem

Hello 😄okay so I am a single mom w 2 toddlers . Full time job. Live w my parents and I'm dating. My kids are beyond spoiled by everyone so when I get them in trouble they start crying and all till they get what they want basically. So my mom thinks that I don't give them enough time. That I'm not taking care of them ect. I work from 9 till 6 just one day off the week. They spend 2 nights w their dad and others w me. When their w their dad, I have a chance to go out. They were with me before everyday , their dad wasn't around so I was beyond stress . Get mad about everything. No patience just not in the mood for anything . When they're with me I take them out sometimes not enough because of money wise problems but I try keeping them happy. A welfare worker also told me that it's ok to have me time because of how many cases of depression has happened. I just need advice. I want to move out but I don't have the money to actually live on my own with my kids. Their dad doesn't give me anything so it's just my paycheck. I'm doing it so far w a lil struggle but I'm living good. Sorry just needed to vent .