Am I crazy for wanting a c section?

It's wierd but I'm really wanting a c section rather than vaginal.. I'm 27.3 and I went in to the hospital the other day because I was already having contractions. They stopped them and I'm ok now but I'm on high alert. My doctor hasn't taken any of my concerns seriously with the stabbing pains in my right side and my fear of preeclampsia and hasn't even tested me, so I'm thinking of switching doctors so I can deliver at a different hospital that I like better. When I look into a new doctor I want to ask if they'll allow me to schedule a c section at 38 weeks (as it is I'll be induced at 39 weeks with my doctor) but my question is, am I crazy? I know it'll be a hard healing process which is why I want it early because I'm due right at the beginning of summer. Opinions? Please don't give me negative comments, only helpful contructive advice