Spotting and UTI...Everything just took a 180 degree turn


I am 9 weeks along today with my first pregnancy, and I have my first ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I have been so excited about this ultrasound, and now I'm just terrified.

Last night noticed a few drops of light red blood on the toilet and on the toilet paper. I went to bed with a pantiliner, and when I got up to pee in the middle of the night, I noticed brown mucus-like spotting on the toilet paper. I still have some of the brown spotting this morning. Nothing has shown up on the panty liner, and I'm not cramping (if I am, it's light and masked by gas pains--I've been so bloated!).

My Dr's office said to just come in for my appt tomorrow but go to the ER if the bleeding becomes heavy. Then they called me back later to say my urine culture from last Friday is showing a UTI. I am no stranger to UTIs, so this confused me since I haven't had any symptoms.

Oh, and I have a head cold and really bad nausea :(

Hoping we can see a healthy baby tomorrow!! <3