Hey ladies. I wanted to bring awareness to a disorder that many people overlook. It's called dermatillomania (or skin picking disorder). It's a form of OCD and it's often mistaken for severe acne, a skin infection (though it can lead to this), or a disease that leaves scars. I have this disorder and it's the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I can't look in the mirror without trying to excrete "toxins" from my face (even if there isn't any). I spend about 2+ hours doing this daily. Ingrown hairs are my latest peeve. I dig into the skin until I can pull out the hair by the root. I can't hold myself back from picking scabs so they NEVER heal. The skin around my nails is constantly torn apart and bloody. Most of the time I'm unaware of what I'm doing until it bleeds. I have scars all over my breasts:( it depresses me so much and I feel like no one understands. My mom tells me to "just stop, it's not that hard." But it is. If it wasn't hard, I wouldn't be a hideous scarred monster. I see a dermatologist once every 2 months but she diagnosed me with dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) and prescribed me antibiotics and topical creams; which I'm sure helps with the infection risk, however this is a disorder that needs to be treated by specialist. During summer my outfits are half sleeves or long sleeves and I live in California so I look pretty weird completely covered in 90+ degrees. I want to know if anyone else has this problem. I read that it's pretty rare. I wish I had money to get help.