This is hard.

My husband has been very supportive of my pregnancy and my needs so far. He makes dinner when I am too tired, unloads the dishwasher when my back hurts to bend down, etc. but this morning, I am so frustrated with him! I have a high stress, sometimes physically demanding job. I have missed two work days so far this pregnancy, despite having constant fatigue and nausea during the first trimester and continued fatigue, severe headaches, back pain, and hip pain during the second trimester, in addition to the hormones and emotional issues I've had since becoming pregnant. This morning, when I was thinking about calling in sick, my husband started telling me about how he never misses work even when he doesn't feel good and that I need to save my sick days for after the baby is born. He compared 4 1/2 months of feeling constantly terrible to occasional back pain (that he can take medicine for.) I wanted to scream! I came to work today because he made me feel so bad about considering missing but I'm so angry and frustrated that I want to cry. Anyone else feel like people just don't get it?