Confused on who to trust

So I posted a while back about how at my 9 week ultrasound the technician noted I had a large nuchal fold and my ob referred me to further screening and told me my baby had a high chance of Down syndrome. I had the screening at 12 weeks and met with a genetic counselor who was furious because the original measurement was clearly a typo because it was physically impossible for the measurement to be that big not to mention you should not be looking at that at 9 weeks.  She also said she would send over my information and talk to my office about making sure this didn't happen again to anyone else because my baby was perfectly fine in every measurement. 
So I met with my ob 5 days later and told her what happened and she told me no there was no typo and they were right at 9 weeks but if I didn't want further tests because Down syndrome wouldn't change anything for me that was okay. She said they hadn't gotten the results from my screening yet. 
So, I went from freaking out about the possibility of Down syndrome to feeling so reassured that that wasn't the case to being worried that it's maybe still possible and it wasn't smart to not look further into it.
What do I think and which Doctor do I trust??