Disciplining someone else's child


Today I was at Panera and this child was acting up and she was pulling on her grandmother and disrespecting her mom I couldn't stand it one bit and I couldn't sit there and just let the child walk all over her grandma so I walked over there and said she needed to stop disrespecting her mother and grandmother and to patiently wait for their attention until they were done ordering. After I said that the mother thanked me and I went on to order my food now my question is for you how do you feel about someone else disciplining your child? Do you think what I did was right how would you handle it or would you do something differently?

I feel like my point is slightly being missed I am speaking about a mother who had an infant in her arms and a grandmother that was being dragged around like a rag doll about to fall over and looking embarrassed because she doesn't have the strength to get ahold of the child a fully articulating and functioning 8 year old who was being bratty because she wanted a cookie behind the glass I know what special needs looks like I've worked with them my entire life I've dealt with them and I can tell the difference between a bratty child and a child who is special needs