Being pushed to induce again

I was induced with my other girls. One was 3 days late, the other a week late. I was easily talked into it thr first time. The second time I argued until my doctor started saying things like "If you want to birth a big baby and bleed out thays up to you." She was 7 lbs 12 oz by the way, not a big baby. I met with the birth planner Monday and there are now posters and signs all over the medical group saying "Wait the full 40!" And she tells me he will push to induce a week early. I asked why and she said because the placenta stops working at full capacity and there is no risk at 39 weeks for the placenta to lower it's functioning so he doesn't like to wait after that anymore. I don't want to be induced and I told her so she had me check a box saying not to induce unless proven medically necessary but that he will still talk to me about inducing. I had my 35 week appointment right after and told him I was having cramps from the iron pills and I saw him type "having contractions" on my chart when I know it is gastrointestinal related. I feel this will give him a right to say medically necessary later on and I'm so frustrated I have to fight to not be induced.