What is going on with my body!

Hello all! I wrote a post a few days ago wanting some advice and here I am again. Can you all tell I'm new to this? Lol. So I got my mirena taken out on March 24th, I had my last period on March 19th. And I'm suppose to get my period this Saturday. I have had periods all throughout my mirena ever since I got it in 3 years ago. The doctor told me I could get pregnant right away also that it should just go back to normal. Well last Thursday I felt little pains and pulls like cramping and then Sunday my boobs started to hurt (still do) and my nipples. I feel like they don't even fit into this new bra I just bought! I've been really emotional, crying over stupid stuff. And then since yesterday my pelvic area feels pressure. Constant pressure when I stand up or sit, almost like a pulling? I can't really describe it!! What is going on??? I took a test today and it was negative, is it to early?? Any input would be so helpful.