Should I text him?

Hey girls! I have a question but first let me tell you the back story! So I met this cute guy online about three months ago and we hung out the first time then he asked me to hang out again. We've hung out five times total but between those times, weeks could pass without us talking. I saw him in spring break and then a month passed and I assumed that things were over because he had not texted me. One day he texted me out of the blue and we talked about what we wanted (relationship, friendship, etc.) somehow we ended up arranging a meeting to "Netflix and chill." We tried to have sex but he could not penetrate me. He said I am too tight (I am a virgin) and then went soft. I did not mind it and I thought he wanted to try again so I texted him and then we arranged another hang out but then I got my period so we ended up not hanging out. We have not talked in a week and I am very conscious that he just wants me for sex, but I am okay with that. I am a very open person and we talked about what we are willing to do and what we like and we use protection of course. I wanna have sex with him but I am scared of developing feelings because I know he does not have feelings for me. I don't know wether to talk to him first or not because I feel like he is waiting for me to text him. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! So what do you guys think? Do you have any experiences like this?