My first pregnancy/miscarriage :(

Been with my husband 6 years and never prevented pregnancy, just never got pregnant. He has two kids, I have none, so naturally, I feel I'm the one at fault here, but after so much time I had come to peace with it until two weeks ago! I had totally spaced missing AF for two weeks and when I realized it (I'm always VERY regular) I took four at home tests were all positive. My life was turned upside down! After a few days of this crazy news something took over and my baby was automatically all I needed! I couldn't wait! But just a week after finding out, I miscarried :( Severe pain in lower back and severe menstrual like cramps that wouldn't go away. No bleeding though until last Saturday woke up bleeding worse and worse, and even passing clots at the ER! My heart sunk and has been since broken. I feel like God finally gave me a little blessing, then grabbed it back away from me. I can't even hardly talk about it BC I cry and cry and cry about it, but we are already TTC again. Please keep us in your prayers this time around! I want my healthy baby in my arms.