Threatened Miscarriage (5w5d)

Haley • 💙💙 Baby Boy Due Dec 16' 💙💙

I woke up yesterday cramping and spotting. The bleeding started getting heavier in the afternoon so I called my OB who told me based off my history and ultrasound Monday I was miscarrying. Well me with my history of 2 prior miscarriages and need to 'see it to believe it' went to the ER. They did bloodwork, pevlic exam, and ultrasound. The bleeding stopped, my cervix was closed and they saw the gestational sac and the yolk sac. Still no baby, still no heartbeat and measured me at 5w5d. Blood work came back fine but my ultrasound Monday showed I was 5w4d and the only saw the gestational sac. Anyone else experience anything like this? Did you eventually see the baby or did it end in a miscarriage?

Also I'm on bedrest until Monday (sighhhssss) any ideas on how not to be bored to death?

Thanks ladies!