Weigh in - is Lily to common or cute with our situation, or should we go with our first idea?

First off, I'm only 9 weeks so it will be a while until we even know gender. But we had the name Miranda Christine picked out for a girl (Christine is my MIL's name and both hubby and I love this combo). But, on Good Friday, I realized I was very "late" so when I got home from work I decided to take a pregnancy test. When I got home, on our table, my husband had left me an Easter Lily plant and a card, "just because he lives me" AWWWW. I took the test and, of course, it was positive. So now we both like the name Lily as a reminder of that, and we can't choose - Lily seems pretty popular lately and we don't want the same name as everyone else :/ please vote!

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