Could I take the test?

Okay so last month I was super late to get my period. When I did end up getting it on the 1st of this month... it lasted for two days... and it was so light... most times there wouldn't be anything on the pad. Never thought anything of it however. Fast forward to last weekend. I was with my guy, and you know we had bought a few drinks. So we can sit down, watch a movie... and have a nice dinner... usually I can drink quite a bit before I start feeling good... but that night... I had three sips of a drink, and had to go throw it up. Fast forward to today... I was supposed to get my period on the 14- 15th..... it still hasn't come yet.. and for the past few days I've been feeling nauseated on and off. It's been pretty bad..... so should I take a test? Or could it be something else? Been trying for 2 years... maybe it's finally happened?