Confessions of a mom

BlackRoseMom • Mom of 4 (2 boys,1 girl & 1 little angel)

Here's my confessions of a mom of 4...

- I rarely sleep ( 4 hrs is sleeping in to me now)

- I shower way less than I used to but when I do I'm easily in there for about 30 min

- I make up white lies to my kids just to try and find time to myself (ex. Mommy's got some work to do on the computer give me 30 min, reality I'm just surfing the Internet)

- I say I don't have phone reception in the car to get 30 min each way to work to myself

Even with all the chaos of 4 kids (10,8,5, 3 months), working full time and going to school I wouldn't change it for the world.

What are some of your confessions?